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Thank you for visiting us here...we hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.

To celebrate our first year of marriage, we have decided to go on a 'wee' adventure. We are taking a sabbatical to drive from Scotland to South Africa in a 4x4 🚘😁🌍


Our journey will take us from Cape Wrath in MacKay Country, Scotland to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. We'll travel through Europe with a bit of zigzagging in the Balkans, down through Greece and then (via cargo ship) to Egypt, where we'll drive down the East of the Continent (more zigzagging).


We're doing all of this in true 'overland style' and will be living in our car for the next year...romance is not dead. We actually have no idea what we're doing but it is good fun finding out 😳

If you'd like to read about our journey, we'll do our very best to pop some blogs up here every now and then. 

We hope that by sharing the stories of our own journey, we can inspire others to go on adventures and help those of you who are already planning one.

In the meantime, here's a picture of us doing what we love: running, exploring and being in the wild. 


Lots of love and happy travels x

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