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Cape to Cape is born!

Ross and I have travelled quite a bit together over the 9 years we've known each other. We've dipped our toe into the backpacking life, having spent two extended holidays together in South America whilst I was travelling for a longer period. We've lived abroad together a bit too in some cool countries (Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya) and shared some really incredible adventures along the way.

All that said though, we knew we wanted to do something different/bigger together to mark the start of married life. We knew we wanted it to be 'just the two of us' - not necessarily isolated from family/friends, but before we hopefully have our own family depending on us. That doesn't mean we'll stop all of the adventures if/when we're lucky enough to have children of our own. Absolutely not! The adventures will just be something different then, and we know we'll never have this 'just the two of us' time again. So we're making the most of it!

There was lots of lovely deliberating of wildly different ideas: trekking through the wilderness of Canada 'Into the Wild' style, going back to the mountains in Nepal/Tibet, the trans-siberian express, the Mongol Rally, doing the Pacific Coast Trial ('Wild' style)...we don't get all of our ideas from films, honestly...

Finally, we settled on a road trip and decided that Africa was calling. Hence, 'Cape to Cape' was born!

Cape to Cape: we'll be driving from Cape Wrath (MacKay Country) at the most northerly point of Scotland, to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Our journey will take us quickly through Europe, and then we'll zigzag more slowly through the Balkans as we've not seen much of that part of the world yet and it intrigues us. Our European adventure will end in Athens as we pop our car onto a cargo ship (a Ro/Ro...meaning Roll On Roll Off) to meet it again about 8 days later in Alexandria, Egypt. Once we're in Africa, we'll need a little help getting our car back from customs (apparently this is a total mission and fixers are needed to 'nudge' things along somewhat!) and then we'll make the journey down the East coast. Our trip will take us through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and finally South Africa (Swaziland and Lesotho are TBC!).

Along the way, we hope to learn, love and help. We're hoping to volunteer and we really want get to know new people (both local and those on adventures like us). We're excited to open our minds to the world we know so little of. Obviously there'll be lots of love shared with everyone we meet...and of course each other!

Route mapping in action!

We leave mid-October this year (2018) and plan to leave South Africa at the start of June. There's talk (Ross' talk) of us tagging some of Asia onto our trip and driving back through India...there's also talk (more of Ross' talk) of us driving back through West Africa. We will see!

Wish us luck xxx

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