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Our Three Last Suppers

As a prelude to us all hearing the long awaited voice of Ross MacKay, I’ve been permitted a short gap-fill blog to *briefly* (something we already know I’m not good at) summarise our final steps on UK soil last week.

Today marks 9 days since we have been on the road and saying bye to our friends and family already feels like 8 years ago! Yesterday was also our 9 year anniversary so it feels like a good time to think about of the special people in our lives whom we’ve left at home. 😭

After we made it back down the road (post the bonkers Cape Wrath beginning) we were totally bedraggled! We looked like we had been away for a year and it had been less than 24 hours. Our nice neat and tidy car looked like a bomb site - we’d flung wet clothes all over the place, shoved dirty pots in all sorts of nooks and crannies and tangled up all our wires in our frenzied attempt to charge stuff on the move.

Good bloody job our families came to the rescue; washing our bags of sopping wet clothes, loading us up with our favourite treats and then giving us comfy beds to sleep in as we passed through Glasgow and Warrington. We were also lucky enough to get together with many of our friends scattered across the country! Here’s a quick summary of the highlights 💚

No.1 - The Glasgow Last Supper


- our big messy leaving sign, even bigger cuddles and more invaluable ‘help’ from the munchkins (our two nieces Kira & Alex & nephew Jamie)

- a bundle of toys and Scottish memorabilia from Ross’ Mum to give as gifts to people we meet on our travels

- catching up with friends new and old

- late night family chats on the blow up bed

- loading up the van with the latest Good Coffee Cartel roasts AND a big sticker for our window

- cuddles with Ross’ godson Romano and a lucky St Christopher coin from Chico and Assunta to accompany us on the road

No.2 The Warrington Last Supper


- Hanging out with the North West posse in our local

- Cuddles with our nephew James

- Exchanging Emma’s engagement ring (which’ll be kept safe by Emma’s Mum for the duration of the trip 😍) for a precious jar of ‘Mummy’s vegan crunch’ which would prove an essential meal item in the first week of our trip!

-Collecting the refurbed WW2 jerry can from Dr Williams ready for the Sudanese diesel shortages

- A pub carpark tent demo which involved Emma’s Mum getting stuck in the tent

- Rejigging the car in the driveway fuelled by lots of coffees and the world’s best vegan sandwiches (spot the luxury box and the random notes about dill in the pics below)

- Getting a lucky NZ pebble and the best travel game ever (Rumikub) from the best travel game PLAYERS ever (Beth + Graham)

No.3 The London Last Supper


- All our lovely friends who popped over to Finsbury Park to say hello, including some we hadn’t seen since the wedding!

- Hanging out at Fink’s Salt and Sweet with said friends! It’s literally the best cafe in London where we’ve spent many long mornings planning the wedding and our trip

- Getting a beautiful book from Ellie Mitch: Wainwright in Scotland, to remind us of our roots when we are missing home

- Also getting a rare, directors only London Sock Company umbrella from Dave Pickard which we are dying to use once the sodding wind sods off in Western Europe (there’s been plenty of rain anyway!)

- Going to see DREAMGIRLS (we pushed back our Eurotunnel booking by a day to do so!)

Whilst in London, we were also lucky enough to be able to stay in our friends Louisa and Cuthbert’s gorgeous apartment. So we really did end the UK leg of our trip on a high!

And so...filled full of prosecco, excited chatter, love and Dreamgirls melodies, we set forth to Folkestone to begin the next stage of our adventure.

Let’s hope we can keep the car carnage to a minimum from now on!

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